Can you believe it? Eurovision National Final (NF) season has started.  Like every year since 2010 I only listen to a select number of countries before the first semi-final in May. This year those countries are the big 5 ( UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany), the host country, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and as a wildcard Ireland.

Right now I want to talk about Italy. Now I’m one of those people who actually watched San Remo because they wanted to not because they just want to hear what could be the Italian song. Minus the whole 5 hours for each show it was a good watch.  I knew right from the start that RAI would not make a big fuss about Eurovision. Just a 5 minute section going “ok last year we got 3rd place hopefully we can  win this year blah blah blah oh and this is who will be singing for us. OK thank you now on to the real show.”

If you think about it why should they make huge fuss for Eurovision. San Remo has been on longer and it is completely different than Eurovision. All the songs in San Remo are really good quality songs even the what I assumed to be a joke entry was 10 times better then most of the joke songs that made it to Eurovision. I don’t know why some people think that San Remo should become the true Italian National Final because I think it will ruin it.

I wonder what RAI will do next year because a new rule is rumored to come out stating that all countries must have some form of a national final whether it is of the song, the artist, or both. The public must have a say. You might say that San Remo is already their national final or whatever but if you pay close attention to it the public have no say in what is the Italian entry. A special jury picks the singer and as a result the song as well.


Stay tune for a review of this year’s Melodifestivalen from Sweden.