As I sit here writing this I am watching a repeat of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Thank you TVE International!!!! I watched the final live and they are kind enough to provide rerun incase someone missed it.

What did I think of the final? It was awesome!!!!! The songs were preformed perfectly and as far as I know nothing went wrong. As for the results heres my run down of some of the counties.

First off Spain, I love the song, my mother even liked the song but sadly they got 23rd place. I can not tell you why? But a lot of people did not like the song and maybe as someone pointed out if the song had a different singer it would’ve gotten a better place. Well 50 points is not bad and plus two 12 points on top of that. During her interviews she kept saying that she does not really care about the result and that they could never take the fun she had away from her.

Off to the United Kingdom, one of the favorites to win failed to just that. To honest the camera work and vocals did not do the song justice at all. But what can you do? I think that the UK should continue to send big names to contest as they done in the past. Just not names that people have not heard of in years. It might be impossible to get modern artists as they think they Eurovision will ruin their careers but there is always hope. The UK can win they just need to perfect their formula a bit.

France…..what can I say? Frist off the backdrop is alot better then what I thought of. The few few seconds of the song he did sound a bit out of tone but he quickly fixed it. Two 12s after more than 5 years of not getting one is pretty good.

I might be some of the few people who are ok with Ireland’s place. It was nothing special but hey they got 8th place and a few 12s after years of not making it to the final. Could Ireland be back on the rise? 

If you ask me I am sure that Ukraine got a high place only because of the sand drawing in the back. The both times I watched Ukraine I did not pay any attention to the song at all and only to the drawing. Even to this moment I do not have an idea of what Ukraine sounds like. The lady who was doing the drawing is very talented to do all that in 3 minutes.

ITALY!!! I am as surprised as you that Italy got second place. Its one of my favorite songs from this year and I’m glad about the placing. Yeah I can see why people don’t like the song. Its a jazzy lounge song and excuse me for being one of few people who like it. Sadly I don’t see a song like this doing this good again. Italy will have a lot of expectations next year if they decide to participate again next year.

My thougts on the winner in a later post.