With alot of things going on I completely forget to do the reviews on Italy and Germany as you can see. Well heres a quick snippet on both songs.

Italy: Great song. I love the jazzy style and I think this will do good enough with the juries to get a good place. 10/10

Germany: Weird song for the host country but it is still AWESOME. Soooo different then what you hear in eurovision. 10/10

Now I seen the first semi-final and I have to say there are some good songs out there. First off I am completely surprise that Norway did not make it but we all can’t have what we want. My two new favorites from this semi are Iceland and Azerbaijan. For Iceland that tune just stuck in my head and never left. As for Azerbaijan I don’t what to say about it, it is just something I like.

So if there are any Americans out there I know of a way to watch Eurovision on tv instead of on the webcast. How? Well first you need satellite tv what works best is DirectTv. What you that you call up costume service and say that you want to try out the international Spanish package and remember to say the package that has TVE. Once you do that they will switch your service to that package, of course you will be losing some channels at the same time such as “BBC America”, “Lifetime Movie Network”, “TV Land”, and “Golf Channel” to name a few. Once Eurovision is done wait a few days and then call again and say that you do not like the package and that you can to switch back to your old package.

Enjoy the Final!!! I know I will 🙂