Spain is being represented by Lucía Pérez with the song “Que me quiten lo bailao”

“Que me quiten” is the happy dancey song of this year’s contest. The song brings the happy mood up in the room whether you like it or not.

Is the song worthy enough to go straight to the final? Of course, it is worthy enough. The song has enough good vibes that maybe people will forget about the song that came before it and being so near to the end people would remember those good vibes.


How will the staging be? Vibrant colors all around. The backing singers will always be her backing dancers, at least thats what I think will happy. They will not be doing so complicated dance moves just a cha-cha move during the chorus and maybe a spin every once in a while.

To sum this all up:  Spain sends a really good song and personally this is in my top 3 of the 10 songs I’ve heard so far. The chorus is one that stays in your head. I’m predicting a top 10 placing and hopefully a few 12 points.

This song receives a 10 out of 10

Bringing out the good vibes