The United Kingdom is being represented by professional tenor Amaury Vassili with the song “Sognu”  (Dream)

“Sognu” is an opera song, nothing much to say about that but it does seem like France is trying to bring back some class to the contest. The song starts off slow and it takes a while for the song to really get somewhere but despite that the song really comes together. Of course, I can see why people are not big fans of the song and big part of that is just because its not their cup of tea.

Is the song worthy enough to go straight to the final? Its hard to tell really. This is toss up in my opinion.

How will the staging be? Because there are alot of instrumentals during the song I’m really hoping a orchestra in LEDs and having Amaury out there by himself or maybe with some string players behind him. That sounds perfect


but I heard somewhere that he said that they’re planing are having flowers or something on the screen. If there is anyone out there reading this I want to know which do you think is a better background…the orchestra or some flowers flying across the screen? OR do you have your own idea?

To sum this all up:  France trys to bring class to Eurovision and the song shows it. Not of alot people have heard Amaury sing live so its hard to tell if he could bring the vocals the night of the final. Also this is not really a televoter song but it is a jury song sadly that is not enough to win Eurovision. If they are really lucky France could a top 10 placing or if lady luck is smiling on them a top 5 result. Some betting sites have this to win the whole thing but I highly doubt it.

This song receives a 8 out of 10