The United Kingdom is being represented by boy band Blue with the song “I Can”

Now how did this end up as one of my picks to listen to this year? Simple, every year I always listen to the big 4 or in this case the big 5. You know just to see if what they send is worthy enough to go straight to the final.

“I Can” is that inspirational song that would find its way into your head even weeks after the first listen. It seems that the United Kingdom is taking the contest a bit more serious after that whole last place deal last year.

Is the song worthy enough to go straight to the final? “I Can” is worthy enough for the final. If they could work on the vocals the song should come all together.


How will the staging be? I’m expecting for atleast for most of the song, the LED screens to incorporate blue somehow. Blue has announce that there is going to be some form of pyrotechnics during the song. So keep out on the look out for that

To sum this all up:  The UK decides to send an established band however had been a while since they last released an album or even preformed as band. The song along is good enough for the bring the UK to a top 5 placing and  ff Europe can remember them from they have done in the past then I predict this song to the winner.

This song receives a 10 out of 10

Can they win?