After an exciting Melodifestivalen, Swedend is being represented by Eric Saade with the song “Popular”

Now how did this end up as one of my picks to listen to this year? One word..Melodifestivalen (MF). Its the biggest national final for Eurovision yet. People call it the “mini-eurovision” and I have to agree with statement.

“Popular” is again a pop  song. With its gimmicks and over repeated chorus this song is a love or hate it type thing. If you like it then good but if you hate then expect swarms of teenage girls running you down.

Eric Saade

Does this song have the chance of making it to the final? Of course it does. Like I said this song has it all. Throw in a very well choreographed dance, a good looking guy, and the line “my body wants you girl” and there you have the perfect recipe to get teenage girl votes. At least to get out of the semi final.

breaking of the glass box

How will the staging be? If you have watch MF then expect the whole thing to be basically the same. But unlike MF, Eurovision only allows 6 people on stage and vocals to be live and not prerecorded. Eric does get his glass box to break but what he won’t get are his dancers. Unless they can dance AND sing…very well to add to that. Also I really really hope that the LED screens do not say “pop” or “popular” on them like they did during MF.

To sum this all up:  Sweden is trying to not repeat last year’s failure and it is obvious. They a big chance of getting out of the semi final with a good result..I’m thinking around 2nd – 4th place if not 1st. While in the final it depends on what spot they preform. But most likely it might lost in the middle or maybe the top 10

This song receives a 7 out of 10