Norway is being represented by Stella Mwangi with the song “Haba Haba” (Little by Little)

Now how did this end up as one of my picks to listen to this year? The answer for this one is MGP (Melodi Grand Prix).  Its an great national selection and always has its surprises.

“Haba Haba” is pop song with the African influences. When I first heard this song I honestly thought that it was going to lose the contest but it is one of those songs that grow on you. Stella really sells the song very well.

Does this song have the chance of making it to the final? Honestly I think it has 50% chance of getting into the final. Then again I have not heard all of the songs in her semi final. But with the song being 2nd in the running order I believe that it really brings down the song’s chances.


How will the staging be? The staging for this song will most likely be the same as they had in MGP. If they use the new version of the song (most likely they will) then expect a camera shot of the backing singers, I think maybe in very dim lighting and when the instrument start the stage lighting up with vibrant colors. If Stella does her “hey hey” during the start then it would, imo, bring the song to a different level

To sum this all up:  Norway is sending a good song this year whether or not it makes the final depends on the night of the semi-final.  If does make the final expect a 6th or 7th place from the semi and during the final….I can’t predict that result because this is one of those songs that depend on what happens the night of.

This song receives a 7 out of 10