Mother Russia is being represented by Alexey Vorobyov (or Alex Sparrow) with the song “Get You”

Now how did this end up as one of my picks to listen to this year? Plain and simple I wanted to see if the Russia could redeem themselves from that horrid song they had last year.

“Get You” is your basic  pop song. Did you expect anything else from one of Lady Gaga’s composers, RedOne.  You know it starts off slow and thats the only thing I don’t like about it. If the song did not have that slow beginning then it would be a really awesome song.


Does this song have the chance of making it to the final? Yes its does a chance. Not only because its Russia and if it get into the final last year then this year is no exception. The song is good enough make it to the final on its own anyway.

How will the staging be? I’m thinking a dim lighted stage with the spot light on Alex. As soon as the drums comes in the stage comes alive. Expect alot of dancing and maybe a gimmick some where in the middle

To sum this all up:  Russia has good song. The chance of making the final is really good. I predict that the semi-final result would be around 3rd-5th place. Also a top 10 placing in the final.

This song receives a 7 out of 10