Ok, with Eurovision in over 2 weeks I decided that is time for me to start reviewing some of this year’s songs. Now this year and in years past I’ve tried my best to try and listen to as few songs as possible and I have accomplished that. I have only listen to the “Big 5” (Italy, France, Spain, UK, and Germany), Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia and Turkey.

To start off the reviews this is…..Turkey.

Turkish Entry

Turkey is being represented by Yüksek Sadakaa with the song “Live it up” 

Now how did this end up as one of my picks to listen to this year? Well I really loved Turkey’s song last year and I wanted to see if Turkey could deliver this year.

“Live it up” is rock song and I do like it. I do feel like I’ve heard it before somewhere and its also one of those songs where if you are not paying attention to the song it could past right by your head. My favorite part of the song is the electronic thing you hear in there. Without that I think the song would not be as good as it is right now.

Does this song have the chance of making it to the final? YES its does. I mean come on its Turkey, like Russia every year it has a big chance of making the final. Unless Turkey decides to send some horrid song like they did in ’05 then expect Turkey to be in every final from now on.

How will the staging be? Well first off, I ask this question because I am a tech geek. One of the main reason of why I love Eurovision is because of the cameras, LED screens, and lighting. A majority of the time when I’m listening to my Ipod I think of how the song will look on the stage. What kind of camera angles should be at this time and so on. Back on topic here….I believe that the staging for this band will be the same as it has been for every band that has come on ESC. All band members on stage, the drummer in the back and the rest up front. This is the basic set for most bands anyway so it doesn’t really matter. No idea on what the LED screen will be showing but to be honest whatever I come up with 98.9% of the time I am wrong.

To sum this all up:  A decent song from Turkey not as special as last year but it’ll do. Chances on going to final are really high not because of the song but because of the country the song is from BUT I expect Turkey to be like 7th or 8th place in the semi-final. In the final I believe that it will get lost in the middle. The staging will be the same as every other band that has showed up at this concert….they can’t really do anything that special.

In total this song receives a 6 out of 10  

Well good luck Turkey and remember to “live it up” in Germany.